Do you remove Seresto collar when bathing

  • 11 months ago
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No. The Seresto collar is designed to be worn at all times, including during baths or swimming. The active ingredients in the collar are specially formulated so that they will not wash off while bathing or swimming. However, you should make sure that your pet isn’t constantly exposed to water as this could reduce the effectiveness of the Seresto collar.


Seresto collars are designed to be worn while swimming or bathing, so there is no need to remove it. However, if your pet’s collar gets damaged in the water, you should replace it. Additionally, heavy brushing and soap can reduce the effect of the active ingredients when applied directly to the Seresto collar, so you may wish to wipe it off after baths or grooming sessions. there is no need to remove your pet’s Seresto collar when they go swimming or take a bath.

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